You heard it here first folks, in 2019 IRAs are increasing their limits from $5,500 to $6,000 per year. The $6,000 contribution is based on the government’s fiscal 2019 calendar, which starts in April 2019, but you should be able to start contributing larger amounts for the Fiscal Year starting in January. Just make sure you’re 2018 IRA account is already maxed!

How Much Should you Contribute per Paycheck to Max Your IRA?

  • If you are paid monthly (12 paychecks/year) and you max it out in 12 months, you need to contribute $500/paycheck to max out a 2019 IRA.
  • If you are paid bi-monthly (24 paycheck a year) and you want to max your IRA, you need to contribute $250/paycheck to max out a 2019 IRA.
  • If you are paid bi-weekly (like me! 26 paychecks a year) You need to contribute $230.76/paycheck to come close to maxing out a 2019 IRA. You’ll need to contribute an additional $0.24 to reach $6,000. Easy peasy.


For me, this increases my per-paycheck contribution up from $212 to $230. I’m not quite sure if I’ll be getting a raise this year as I plan to negotiate for more PTO, way more PTO.

But, I also may not be doing the per-paycheck method anyway. I anticipate a bonus of ~$3,000 and if I actually receive it I’ll dump it all into my IRA to already have it half maxed.


Do you max an IRA every year? What method do you use to max it out?


August 2018 Multiple Income Stream (MIS) Report


MIS August 2018


My main financial goal- besides killing it at my 9-5 job, is to create multiple streams of income. Multiple… semi-passive streams of income. I already have money invested, but I need <em> more</em> coming in the door to meet my goals faster. I also need a hobby. Or, hobbies. And a great hobby is one that you can make some money doing. A great hobby is also something that produces rather than consumes.

I’ve decided on making money online as my best side hustle options. It’s relatively low cost to get into and is kind of like a puzzle. Everyone says making money online is so <em> easy</em>. You can make <strong> $10,000</strong> a month online through Affiliate marketing and niche sites!!!

The thing is, I believe them. I believe it can be done and I want to make that type of side income. Just like <a href=”https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/”> Pat Flynn </a> over at Smart Passive Income, I want ridiculous earnings.

But I want my earnings to be meaningful. I want to help people and I want to see other people be successful.

<h2> My Attempt in Month One </h2>

This month, August 2018 I bought this domain and another. I’ve wanted to start a finance blog for a while and I’m finally doing it! My other site is dedicated to <a href=”https://expertsecrets.com/?cf_affiliate_id=1267291&affiliate_id=1267291″> Clickfunnels</a> . I read through <a href=”https://expertsecrets.com/?cf_affiliate_id=1267291&affiliate_id=1267291″> Expert Secrets</a> which is a Free book (just pay shipping and absolutely believe everything Russel talks about. I’m aiming to purchase a Clickfunnels account later this year to try my hand at marketing.

In conjunction to the ClickFunnel’s website, I did a Facebook Ad Campaign. I was fairly impressed with the ease of setting it up. While the campaign itself was disappointing, you can read about it here, I definitely learned something and took value away from the process.


I plan on using FB Ad manager again, if that’s how you found this website then cool! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy 🙂

<h2> In Summary </h2>

While this month has overall been negative, $300 for one domain, $96 for another, and $40 in FB Ads, I am not giving up on Affiliate marketing. Or, this blog (duh!). This is my main outlet right now and I love it. As of this entry, I only have about 6 other blog posts. But I hope this develops into an archive I can look back at and reference, and hopefully  other people can too!


Are you into Affiliate Marketing? How much per day are you earning?