Spend Report – August 2018

This entire year has been rough when it comes to spending. There has just been a spend bug in my body the entire year. A lot of it is stuff I actually use – or services that make my life better. But as I want to FI, I need to find the areas that sparkContinue reading “Spend Report – August 2018”

I’m Holding on to Too Much Cash – Will I Regret it?

  I’ve reached the point with my finances where I have options. While I can’t have everything, I can have anything if I set my mind to it. And while I lean to be more conservative with my spending habits, I do love nice things. I always have. Even while I was growing up inContinue reading “I’m Holding on to Too Much Cash – Will I Regret it?”

August 2018 – My Road to Financial Independence

  This is the introductory post to my journey to Financial Independence. I’ll probably do these quarterly or even semi-annually, with a large one done every January for a true annual check-up. My current goal is to fatFIRE between 45 and 50 with $3.5Million in invested assets. This does not include any equity in propertyContinue reading “August 2018 – My Road to Financial Independence”

How I Paid off $25k in Student Loans in 18 months while Making $50k a year

High dollar student loans are the struggle that the majority of millennials understand- 63% have >$10,000 in student loan debt. Pair that with the poor financial decisions often made in their twenties *cough* credit cardsĀ  *cough* and a lot of millenials are in rough shape I took out a little over $25,000 in student loans,Continue reading “How I Paid off $25k in Student Loans in 18 months while Making $50k a year”