WARNING: Bad Debt Ahead

Helllo!~ Another week, another financial blog post. How has your week been? Mine has been going pretty well, and I am super stoked about today’s topic. Did you know there are two types of debt? Now, I know if you’re reading this you think debt is most likely bad. That ALL debt is bad. Bad,Continue reading “WARNING: Bad Debt Ahead”


You heard it here first folks, in 2019 IRAs are increasing their limits from $5,500 to $6,000 per year. The $6,000 contribution is based on the government’s fiscal 2019 calendar, which starts in April 2019, but you should be able to start contributing larger amounts for the Fiscal Year starting in January. Just make sureContinue reading “2019 IRA LIMIT INCREASES by $500!”

I’m Holding on to Too Much Cash – Will I Regret it?

  I’ve reached the point with my finances where I have options. While I can’t have everything, I can have anything if I set my mind to it. And while I lean to be more conservative with my spending habits, I do love nice things. I always have. Even while I was growing up inContinue reading “I’m Holding on to Too Much Cash – Will I Regret it?”

August 2018 – My Road to Financial Independence

  This is the introductory post to my journey to Financial Independence. I’ll probably do these quarterly or even semi-annually, with a large one done every January for a true annual check-up. My current goal is to fatFIRE between 45 and 50 with $3.5Million in invested assets. This does not include any equity in propertyContinue reading “August 2018 – My Road to Financial Independence”

Financial Independence – What it Means to Me

Financial Independence has Changed my Life We all dream of the day we can retire. When we’re in our 60’s and can sit around, binge Netflix, travel, spend time with family, and most importantly- do whatever the fuck we want when we want. This is years away, it seems like a lifetime away, and toContinue reading “Financial Independence – What it Means to Me”