Femillionaire: The Movement

By reading this post, you’re ready. Or maybe you don’t know if you’re ready, but your curious.

Either way, you’ve found the right place.

Whether you’re sixteen and just discovered spending money, twenty-two and lost AF with student loans, thirty-five and in debt to your eyeballs from your twenties- you’re here. You’ve done the hardest part, which is just showing up and paying attention.  I want you to know this isn’t complicated and you can take control of your finances and take control of your life.

Welcome to Femillionaire. You’re already on step 2.

What is Femillionaire?

Femillionaire is exactly what it sounds like Female + Millionaire, Femillionaire. Maybe it’s tacky, maybe it’s catchy. Either way, I don’t care. What I do care about it turning you into a financially independent, strong woman.  As you read Femillionaire material I want you to feel empowered and given the tools to be successful right now with your money and successful in ten, twenty, and thirty years into the future. Femillionaire is my way of educating women and girls to actively be involved with their finances.

With the steps, tips, and advice I give, your future millionaire status is set in stone. You’re not going to be selling shakes, teas, or wraps. You’re going to be investing. You’re going to be smart. Your definition of financially independent means you don’t have to work again- ever. Not a hoax work from home job.

Welcome to the Party.

Who is Femillionaire for?

Femillionaire is for every woman who doesn’t know how much they make per pay period, for every woman who doesn’t know how to invest, for every woman that has stayed in a terrible situation due to lack of money. Femillionaire is for eradicating fear in women over money, for educating women on how to handle money. Personal finance isn’t taught in schools, and outside of school usually boys get ‘the talk’ when it comes to finances. We’re breaking down barriers between women and their money.  We’re building the next Buffetts and financially secure women who aren’t afraid of living a life they deserve.

Let’s cut it short- how do I become a Femillionaire?

You need to have passive income. The most typical type of passive income is investments, like ETFs. You invest your money, it earns you more money in the stock market, and eventually you’re at a big, fat $1 million.

It’s a bit more complicated, and it takes patience and diligence. Femillionaire isn’t a diet pill, it’s a life style change. If you want to drink tea that makes you shit, look elsewhere, sis.

Femillionaire will give you the education to understand the brief how to above. Femillionaire will hold your hand and guide you- and hold your hair when you puke.

Wait- but why do you even want to become a Femillionaire?

Maybe your goal isn’t to have a million dollars or more.

That’s okay, but you’re wrong- we’ll get to that later.

Most likely right now you want financial stability and I applaud and cheer your for that! Femillionaire will prove useful for you to decrease your debt, and increase your net worth. Following Femillionaire advice will pull you from living pay check to pay check to thriving in today’s world.

Maybe you already have a 401k, but are unsure of how to set up an IRA, or how to choose a Traditional vs. a Roth. Again, Femillionaire will be valuable to you too!

Maybe you’re already a Femillionaire and you like reading positive shit. Cool, welcome! I would also love to hear your story!

No matter where you’re at with your journey, I want to invite you to Femillionaire. I want you to feel confident that you will become a millionaire and take control of your finances.

Welcome to the Party – Let’s get started!


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WARNING: Bad Debt Ahead

Helllo!~ Another week, another financial blog post. How has your week been? Mine has been going pretty well, and I am super stoked about today’s topic.

Did you know there are two types of debt? Now, I know if you’re reading this you think debt is most likely bad. That ALL debt is bad. Bad, bad, bad. But, what if I told you there is Good and Bad Debt? I mean… most debt is BAD, but there are some good guys too.

Today I want to focus in on those bad guys – the bad debt, and see what it is and how we can combat getting ourselves into it.


Defining Bad Debt

Bad debt, in the Personal Finance sense, is debt that has massive depreciating value or has an extremely high interest rate. A high interest rate I would consider as anything >6%, because that’s definitely worse than long term market gains. But, a mortgage isn’t bad debt and neither is a business loan (for the most part), so if an interest rate is >6% on either of those things, I would not consider them bad debt, except in extreme circumstances.


What is Bad Debt? – Common Examples


Credit Cards are the most common form of bad debt. Do you know the interest rate on your credit card? Most are >18%! This rate is significantly higher than most consumer loans. The payment schedules are also maximized so the debtor will owe as much money as possible.  Any type of balance on a credit card is never a good idea.

Cars are the second form of bad debt. How many people do you know with $30,000/yr income or $60,000/yr income with cars that are $30,000 or more? Thousands of Americans fall into this trap of having a high car payment. While the interest rate on car loans is often low, transportation costs per month should be <10% of your income. This includes gas, maintenance, registration, and a car payment. Having a car payment you can’t afford on an asset that loses thousands of dollars in value within months is never a good idea.

Consumable Goods America, and many globalized cultures value spending money and the “consumer debt”. Have you ever gone into debt during the holidays, or spent more than you planned? This is consumer debt and most things bought have no or little resell value.

“Transportation costs per month should be <10% of your income. This includes gas, maintenance, registration, and a car payment.”


How to Avoid Bad Debt

If you’re familiar with personal finance or the Femillionaire mindset, you know exactly what I’m about to say. If not, that’s okay! Welcome to the club.

Step 1: HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND. I cannot stress this enough. Seriously, you need to have savings set aside for when shit hits the fan- because it will, and usually it’s a lot of shit all at once.  Just start. saving. now. Even if it’s only $15 a month, having a $100 emergency can compound into $200 very quickly when put on credit cards.

Step 2a: Be smart and have awareness of your financial situation, especially when buying a car! Buy a car that you can afford, has low monthly payments, will be paid off in 36 months, and that you can put a big, cash deposit down on. I know this is a lot and often means you won’t be buying a new car, but there are so many used cars that are only a couple of years old, have low miles and are incredibly reliable.

Step 2b: Buy a reliable car! Research which brand/years are most reliable. Generally, you can never go wrong with a a Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Hyundai Elantra, or Hyundai Sonata.

Step 3: Self Control. This is going to be one of the more challenging steps (if not the most challenging!). You can have an emergency fund and an affordable car, but still lack self control.  If you don’t have self control,  you’ll find yourself in a cycle of gaining bad debt, paying it off, and taking on more bad debt.


“You can have an emergency fund and an affordable car, but still lack self control.”


The Bottom Line

Bad Debt is, well, bad.  It’s bad for your wallet and your mental state. Avoiding bad debt at all costs should be your primary goal. If you already have bad debt, paying it off before all other debt should be your priority.


Have you ever had bad debt and paid it off or are in the process of paying it off? I would love to hear your stories below!


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Self Control and Your Finances

No, this isn’t a dieting post, I’m not going to tell you that Keto is better than ANY OTHER DIET EVER or that you should become a  vegan because #animallivesmatter.  But, it’s going to sound quite similar to a post on diet and lifestyle because Self Control and Willpower, especially if you have very little or none when it comes to your finances, is going to feel like a diet.

And like all dietitian gurus, I’m going to say it’s all about moderation. And with finances, it’s all about what you value the most.


What is Self Control with Respect to Your Finances

Can there be a plate of cookies or a box of donuts in the break room at work and you don’t have any? Can you have $200 in your bank account that you don’t feel the need to spend? While one is about food and the other is about money, they are the exact same concept. Self control and willpower over your finances is just like maintaining a healthy diet. You need to plan and use information to live your best financial life.  Many of these skills are taught on this blog and in my Femillionaire  series on my Youtube Channel.


The Science of Willpower

Let’s chat about willpower for a second. Willpower is like a muscle, it can become fatigued, but it can also be super buff and hawt. As you use your Willpower, you’re exerting that muscle and making it tired.  When you have to exert your financial willpower often whether it’s feeling too restricted, having financial issues, or other reasons, you’re more likely to make purchases you wouldn’t otherwise make.

The best way to overcome fatigue in Willpower is having a set game plan. When a situation comes up, or thoughts or feelings occur that make you want to spend, a game plan can assist in taking steps to not spend. Having rules set in stone make is so you don’t have to use any Willpower when debating an unplanned purchase. You simply won’t.


Building Financial Self Control: A Tips and Tricks

Track Your Spending: Track every single penny that comes into or out of all of your accounts and where it goes. Are you spending ungodly amounts on eating out? On Makeup? On that car? Tracking your spending is the first step in any financial journey. This also helps create Awareness on your way to becoming a Femillionaire.

There are great tools to help you track your spending, like Mint and YNAB (You Need a Budget). A simple Excel sheet also works great.

Make One Financial Decision at a Time: Science backs that decisions are exhausting. This is why people like Mark Zuckerberg wear the exact same thing every day. (And your blogger might follow a similar principle!). Decision fatigue is a thing, and so is Willpower fatigue, especially if you’re making too many financial decisions at a time. Make one decision, let it sink in and blend in with your finances, and then make you’re next decision. Decision 1 could cost a lot more, or a lot less, than you initially intended.

A prime example of this is having your first baby. While you’re preparing (and spending!) for baby incoming AND you need a new car, it’s really easy to go from affordable sedan to expensive SUV because you’re already spending so much on baby, you should get the more expensive car (plus you deserve it!). But that’s wrong, wrong, wrong. If your old car is fine, keep it, but if you need a new car, focus on that purchase first, remove baby from the equation.

Save Automatically: Your bank can do automatic transactions, did you know that? Set up automatic transactions so that every pay period your money is sent to savings, debts, and investments. Many times when money is out of sight, it’s out of mind. Also, having money specifically assigned to a labeled account can do wonders for one’s psychology.

Personally, every pay check I have money that goes my investments, a savings account at a different bank, savings accounts for travel, a treat yo self fund, my kitty, and my car. Whatever is left in my checking account is for bills, then fun.

Avoid Temptation: Remember those donuts in the break room? Guess where I’m not eating my lunch today. This rule applies for savings. Avoid places where you spend money or make you want to spend money. This includes shopping malls, certain Youtubers, and social media. You can also manage your spending by only carrying cash.

Find Support: Surround yourself who have your best financial welfare in mind, or with friends who understand if you cannot attend an event because you’re trying to save money. You know your friend who is always broke? Have them read this post, they need some Financial Willpower in their life.

If you struggle with managing your finances, seek help. Many psychologists have tools to help people better manage their money.

The Bottom Line

Just like with eating healthy, in today’s consumerist world, Willpower takes energy. But, it can take less energy if you build strong habits in decision making, and by resetting your primary reaction to not buying anything that hasn’t been well researched, much needed, and long awaited.



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Emergency Funds – How an Efund will Save You

Happy Fri-YAY! everyone! Will that ever get old? Probably. Will I start using something more original as an opener? Maybe one day! Hah! It is another Femillionaire Friday and I’m super excited because this is two Fridays in a row! How long can I keep it up, the world will never know.

Okay- great intro, Meredith, now to the point.

I want to write about Emergency Funds and why you need one, why your grandma needs one, why your dog needs one, and remind you of all the horrible things that happen when you don’t have an emergency fund.

First, do you want to know something terrifying? 56% of Americans can’t cover three months of expenses.

What is an Emergency Fund?

An Emergency Fund is a type of savings that is held in a savings account and used when an “emergency” occurs.  Generally, this is 3-6 months of living expenses, but all situations and plans of precaution are different. Expenses are inclusive of your mortgage/rent, food, kids daycare, insurance, electricity, trash/sewer, pet food, vet visits, gas, general car maintenance, student loans, personal care, etc. Any expense you currently have, don’t think of cutting it out, include it! I think a lot of people do this with child care, thinking they’ll be home, but you’ll be home and busy editing your resume, going on job hunts, and maybe even catching up on some work around the house/apartment!

What Constitutes an Emergency?

An emergency is anything that meets the UNU criteria:

Is it Urgent?

Is it Necessary?

Is is Unexpected?

This is where you need to build AIM (Awareness, Information, and Management Skills) when it comes to your finances. You need to be aware of how much you spend and use that information to manage your accounts!

A perfect example of this is car maintenance. You know a new timing belt is going to be needed at your next oil change, so why dip into your emergency fund? Save for that piece of car maintenance as best you can! I personally don’t measure out the price of maintenance (I hate dealing with cars), but I budget around $600 a year for car…. stuff. And if anything goes over that, I do dip into my Efund.

true emergency is something you absolutely cannot plan or expect.


The most common reasons to use an emergency fund:

  • Loss of Job
  • Necessary travel (ill family member or death, NOT a wedding)
  • Car repairs
  • Unexpected medical bill
  • Unexpected pet illness (Save for your pets!)
  • Heater or A/c went out in unfavorable temperatures
  • Necessary and Urgent Home Repairs
  • Use to cover before insurance pays out


NOT Emergencies

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Spur of the Moment travel
  • Going out with friends


… What happens if I DON’T have an emergency fund? It’s Risky…

Have you ever been stressed out before? Was it about money? That’s EXACTLY what not having an emergency fund feels like, overwhelming, compounding stress that you can’t control the situation you find yourself. One of the main issues in marriages is money. One of the main causes of depression is money. You know what solves some of life’s biggest problems? An emergency fund!

Some more extreme examples include homelessness, being hungry, losing your home, or taking on bad debt (i.e. credit cards) and finding yourself in even more stressed out.

An Emergency is the definition of peace of mind.


Let’s talk about the Beneies- the Benefits of an Emergency Fund

The largest benefit of an Emergency Fund is peace of mind, aka not being stressed. When your car needs a new tire- or four and you can pay for them, it’s the easiest “yes” you will ever say. You might even get a little high from the sheer adrenaline rush of not having to worry about the expense.

The second largest benefit of an emergency fund is it stops you from taking on bad debt. Aka, it stops you from taking on debt with high interest rates that make you more stressed to pay back.

The third benefit is somewhat indirect- having an Emergency Fund teaches you to not spend money. Having a lump of cash in the bank takes huge amounts of self restraint to not spend. And if you can keep it there, you’re absolutely killing the mental game of savings.


How the Hell am I supposed to Build an Emergency Fund??

I’ll tell you right now, it’s going to take time, patience, and intelligence to finally have your emergency fund, especially if you already have a tight budget. My recommendation is to save at least 10% of every single paycheck into a savings account until you have the amount of money you need.

You can help yourself by opening a High Yield Savings Account outside of your current bank and set up automatic transactions. This means when you login to your normal checking account, you never even see your Emergency Fund.

If an emergency happens while you’re building your emergency fund, take a deep breath, use your cash, and start building again.


Meredith Foxx’s Approach to an Emergency Fund

What’s my personal approach to an emergency fund? I use my emergency fund for only the most true emergencies, aka loss of job. I have had to dip into it once for my cat and once for my car, but for the most part, I like to structure my savings.

I have accounts labeled (and yes, these are all seperate savings accounts):

  • Car account – $106/pay period, this is for gas, insurance, and $600 of maintenance a year
  • Kitty – $30/ pay period, this is for food, toys, clothes, and vet visits. Any excess I’m saving for a surgery he’ll need.
  • Travel – $200/pay period, this money isn’t used for any unexpected bills (although I could for unexpected travel), but I think it’s important to point out where my cash goes
  • Efund/General savings – $300/pay period, while my Efund has been maxed out for a couple of years now, I am in the beginning stages of saving for a house and other big purchases. I have all of this lumped into one high yield savings account. But I know, $10,000 of what’s in there is an emergency fund.


Really think about the Amount you Need

There are a couple of reasons why you should think critically of what you need. The more important one being, will you have enough money? 3-6 Months is the standard, but if you have a large mortgage, kids, a spouse that doesn’t work, pets, loans, a job that is high risk, etc, you might want to consider 12-24 months of cash reserve. You’ll be prepare when the shit hits the fan, especially because when it rains, it pours.

If you’re young, healthy, no pets, no dependents, etc, really think about not holding onto too much cash. You’re losing time in the market by keeping dollars in an account that doesn’t even keep up with inflation.


In Conclusion

I hope halfway through this article you opened up your bank account and started a new savings account called EFund. Having an emergency fund is so critical to being able to handle stress and impactful moments in life. An Emergency Fund takes the edge off and allows you to breathe easy, knowing you’ll be okay.

I know saving money isn’t always easy, but it’s so much better than the alternative.


I hope you enjoyed this article, thank  you for reading! Check out my Youtube video for more:


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Foxxy Female Finance Fridays (FFFF) – Designer on a Dime

FFFF Poshmark

Helllooo! I hope everyone had a great week! This Friday I’m going to focus on how to get designer items for pennies on the many, many dollars they cost new (and some used).

While you can find many awesome finds at Goodwill and sicount stores, if you look really, really hard and often- I’ve found the best place to buy new-to-me items is Poshmark

Poshmark is the Best Platform to Buy Used

While yes, this is me pushing to buy from my Poshmark store and use my referral code, MeredithFoxx, when you sign up, I do genuinely love Poshmark.

I’m not going to lie, if I want the experience of going to the store, oogling over all the leather and chrome, and being serviced like a Queen- I’ll buy new. If there’s something that would break my heart in two if it was used- I’ll buy new. But for many accessories or even expensive clothing, I’ll buy used.

Prime examples of buying used, designer sunglasses. Okay, so one, all designer sunglasses are made in essentially the same factory. Sorry, but there’s no difference between the $20 Target glasses and the $650 Balenciaga pair, except the label on the glasses- and the price you ultimately pay. However, I will pay $100 for designer glasses when the original price is $450. They’re an accessory and chances are I’m wearing a $10 shirt. I personally like to focus on shoes, bags, and other accessories because I can use them every day.

I’m also not about to drop $125 on a pair of Lulu Lemon leggings, no matter how cute they are. But I will spend $50 on a slightly used pair.

You get the idea, bougie on a budget is Poshmark.

Oh! On Luxury goods, Poshmark will guarantee authenticity as well. So no worries there!

The Other Perk of Poshmark

The other perk of Poshmark is that you can sell your stuff too! When you sign up use my code MFoxx21. Selling your stuff not only de-clutters your space, but also puts cash in your pocket.  It’s really easy to sell on and super fun to meet other sellers!

Do you sell on Poshmark? Or Tradesy? What’s your experience been so far?

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Foxxy Female Finance Fridays (FFFF) – Drugstore Dupes for High End Loves

I’m a bougie bitch. I love nice things, but I also love having a secure future and saving money. It’s a constant battle, it really is. I’ve been Sephora Rouge the past 2 years and I’m going to maintain it through 2019 (Only $97 more dollars!). Their Surprise VIB sales is going on right now and I have  basket sitting at $308 even after the 20% discount. I mean, half of it is refills and I constantly tell myself I’ll find a cheaper option, but I don’t.

I want my makeup to feel luxurious.  I want the packaging to be heavy. I want an experience. Doing my makeup is one of my favorite hobbies, I value the time I spend in front of my vanity, sipping a La Croix or a mixed drink and watching Netflix or Youtube videos.

I like having products I can use in the morning to get ready fast and are forgiving, to have products that last all night (and then some). I love playing with new products.

But, ya girl is still on a budget, and while I budget way too much for makeup, I still love the drugstore. If it works, it works.

My Top 5 Drugstore Dupes for High End Makeup

1. Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips for Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Physician’s Formula is a brand I always forget about, but they have so many gems. Their shimmer strips are actually some of the first makeup I ever bought when I was 21. I wanted to try the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick but on my previous budget there was no way I could afford a $48 anything. The Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips for $10.58 were much more affordable and did the job. I still use them too! (Though, they have probably expired…)

2. Swap Tarte’s Exposed for Milani’s Romantic Rose

Milani is the Queen of the drugstore. Their products are all killer, especially their lip liners, their lipsticks, and blushes. Sadly, my < ahref=”https://amzn.to/2P4QVEa”&gt; Romantic Rose died while we were on vacation in Cabo. It is the perfect dupe for Tarte’s Exposed .  I love Tarte Blushes, but I often don’t find a lot of blushes to be worth the price. Romantic Rose will definitely be a repurchase for me.

3. What’s Better Than Sex? Paradise. Lash Paradise.

Too Face’s famous racey named mascara, Better Than Sex, has many dupes. And for $24 I can totally see why. For all the high end makeup I’ve bought, I’ve actually never bought high end mascara. I guess $80 skincare calls my name more than $30 mascara. But really, l’Oreal’s Lash Paradise for $8 is the best mascara out there. I’ve repurchased it over 5 times.

4. Literally any Matte Lipstick, swap it with ColourPop!

I cannot say enough good things about Colourpop, their liquid matte listick is a dupe for so many shades of other brands. I think the high end brand it even beats out (most of the time!) is Smashbox’s liquid matte shades. I love Smashbox’s matte liquid lip range, and they stay on for >24 hours. But if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend  over $20 for a lipstick or want a ton of colors, Colourpop’s $6.50 per lipstick is the way to go.

5. Swap Hoola for Butter

I made the swap recently, saying goodbye to my $27 Hoola Bronzer and hello to Physician Formula’s Butter Bronzer for $6. I am SHOOK. this bronzer is AMAZING. It is smooooth and blends so well. It looks natural, like Hoola and is not orange at all. The packaging is a little bulky and broke when I traveled recently. But for a $21 savings, I’ll let it pass.

In Summary

There are a plethora of dupes out there! I find that mascara, bronzer, and highlighter are all easy to find at the drugstore for amazing quality and better prices. Foundation at the drugstore can be hit or miss, although Maybelline’s Dream Satin foundation is amazing.

As far as picking between high end and drugstore. I am a treat yo’self within reason type of girl. Also, the beauty of Sephora is that you can return everything! So if it doesn’t meet your $40 expectations, return it!

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Foxxy Finance Female Fridays (FFFF) – How your Nails Compound Interest

Welcome to Foxxy Female Finance Fridays! How many more F words can I add to the alliteration?  Fridays are dedicated to females and their finances. I hope these articles specifically target women and bring up issues and decisions, as women, we all struggle with.
This week I want to talk about nails, and getting them done.
For some of us, our nails are who we are, it’s like our hair, our go-to outfit, or a bag- they help define us. Well groomed nails, that are shaved trimmed, and often painted look better than nails that are manicured. Even nails that have a thin, clear layer of polish look better.
But not all of us are good at clipping our nails without making them stubs (me), painting their nails (me), or maybe we just don’t have the patience for it (also, me). So, we go to a nail salon to have them professionally done. The nail salon is also a great way to catch up with girlfriends, bond with mom, or have some alone time with a coffee and a magazine.
Salons are also a great way to separate yourself with your hard earned money,

personal finance budgeting

In an ideal world, I would get a manicure every 5 weeks. That’s about the time where the growth really starts to show. For a pedicure, I could go every 5 weeks, but let’s just say every 8 weeks because that’s more realistic.
The average cost for a gel manicure is between $35 – $45, so I’m going to go with $40. The average cost for a pedicure is $25 – $45, I’m going to go with $35, again right in the middle.
With tip, that’s $45 for a manicure and $40 for a pedicure.
Let’s do the sexy math:
Annual Manicure =  $45 * 52 weeks / 5 weeks = $468
Annual Pedicure = $40 * 52 weeks / 8 weeks = $260
 For an annual total of $728.

Let’s say you’re 25 and 40 years away from retirement. Saving that $728 and letting it grow at 7% interest is almost $11,000.

You can do the math too! Download the below Excel template and try it for yourself!

Now for me, I don’t go every 8 weeks or every 5 weeks. This year, I went 3 months without going at all. But I was consciously not going to save money and hated every second of it.  There are a lot of assumptions in the above calculation, but I hope the message is clear: getting your nails done is expensive and you need to weigh the opportunity cost. Would you rather get your nails done, or invest 728? Would you rather get your nails done or come close to buying a pair of Valentinos?


When I was in college, I was poor. Not twenty-something broke. But poor. I had no parents to bail me out of a bad situation, or anyone I felt comfortable accepting money from. But, I still wanted to look good and feel good.
Starting in my freshman year, one night a week I would have “spa” night where I would soak my feet, scrub of dead skin, trim my cuticles, and trim my nails. It was fun “me” time where I could stream a movie and relax. I was never good at it, but it did the trick.
I would usually paint my toe nails and put a clear coat on my fingernails. As I became a sophomore and junior I started trying designs I could do with Scotch Tape and was horrible at them, but, a couple of times they did work.
In effort to up my nail game and turn it into a self-care hobby I bought a gel nail UV lamp and polishes. My nails looked better and I was the one doing them. I had no talent for design or even getting polish only on my nails, but by doing my own nails I was able to save money.
When the time came and I found a full time job, I waited until I paid off my student loans. Then I sold my gel kit for $20 and have never touched my nails again except to ruin them with a nail clipper.

personal finance for women

Now, I could afford to go every 5/8 weeks if I wanted to. But to me, being able to go a few times a year and having naked nails the rest of the year is a much better alternative than doing my own nails because it turned out, I never became good at it, and I rather it be a service than a hobby.

In Conclusion

Yes! You do look more put together and professional when your nails are done. But, you need to understand if it’s something you’re willing and able to do yourself or if you can afford to have your nails professionally done. Even when you can have your nails professionally done, is it worth the cost? With the savings could you get something else that will last you longer than 5 weeks?



Female Fridays